Lucy Flinn September 28 2022 5 min read

Choose Wellness & Kindness. Be the Change.

Warning: This post contains a lot of personal information. I suffer from anxiety and depression and tend to suppress them by focusing on the immediate needs of family and friends. I've recently realized that if I'm not okay, I can't take care of the people who need me the most. This realization came as a result of a much-needed break from my otherwise hectic obligations. This wake-up call has served me well recently, so I'm asking you to make wellness a priority for yourself, your loved ones, and everyone you meet along the way as you journey through life. Let us warmly welcome Fall, the Season of Gratitude, with intentional wellness and kindness. Why? Because this month is National Suicide Prevention Month, these essential values have to be highlighted as a friendly reminder. 
I urge you to take some time for yourself and free your mind from the constraints of obligation. Fill your mind with positive affirmations and surround yourself with experiences that make you feel calm, centered, and at peace.
For example, I treated myself to a daylong visit to a wellness retreat, Miraval Berkshires, last weekend, and it was such an awakening for me.

It's device free. They give you a special pouch to put your phone in. I planned my day with a wellness consultant. It went something like this:

-Spa Tour - clothes off, robe on, followed by tribathalon. What say you? A special word made up by me and my sisters meaning shower, hot tub, steam, sauna. It's a sisters thing.

-Hot & Cold Water Therapy - swim laps in cold outdoor pool then recover in hot tub. Repeat. 

-Vinyasa Flow Yoga 3 Class - with freaking stunning rock star. Wow.

-Magic Mushroom Class - fascinating!

-Lunch - fennel, carrot and saffron soup | butternut squash, corn and black bean tacos | Miraval magic bars.

-Intro to Ayurveda - an ancient holistic healing system.

-Hot Stone Massage - I actually fell asleep while James massaged lavender oil all over me with hot lava stones. Yes.

-Labyrinth Wisdom Walk - uber relaxing.

-Evening Meditation - took my daily meditation to the next level.

2022 started dismally with the sudden tragic death of my beloved friend, Bill Stokes. I struggle with his loss every day. Family and friends, near and dear to me, struggle daily with anxiety, depression, grief, and hopelessness.

Let's share daily ways we can change hopeless, to hopeful! I'm making lasting changes for a more healthy life, and you can too! If you're feeling blue, here are five tips that help me and my inner circle:

1. Talk to loved ones or family members. Don't text, talk in person or FaceTime.

2. Exercise. Walk with a friend. Go for a hike. Try a beginner's yoga class. My favorite are the free classes at

3. Soak up the sun. Vitamin D works wonders.

4. Go outside. Explore the wonders of Mother Nature and our vast National Parks. Learn more at

5. Get creative! Explore your creative side with blank paper and a box of crayons, markers or pencils. Order a cool coloring book that appeals to you on Amazon. Or, have a @JacksonPollock party for your besties! Go to Michael's, get some canvases, paints and brushes, a big tarp, make a big cheese/charcuterie board and have pals bring over beverages and turn on "Pollock" the fabulous independent film about this amazing American Painter.

If you're feeling hopeless, here are two resources to contact now:

1. Crisis Text Line | TEXT HOME to 741741 |

2. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline | DIAL 988 | Available Nationwide

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